Frequently Asked Questions

All The Answers To Those Burning Questions

Finding a wedding photographer can be a confusing process, so I’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to hopefully make everything a little easier for you.

Please select a question below to see further information. If you have additional questions, whatever they may be, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Before Your Wedding

How Long Before The Wedding Should We Book Our Photography?

Obviously it's best to contact me to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment, especially for busy months like July, August and September. I take bookings up to 3 years in advance so plenty of time to make your booking, so please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your wedding photography

Can We Meet You To Talk About Our Plans For Our Wedding?

Absolutely! I always encourage a meeting with me to discuss your big day. It's great for me to understand your requirements and for you to meet me as well! The photographer is the only supplier that can be at your wedding for the entire day so having that connection with someone transfers into amazing photos is incredibly important.

How Do We Book You To Photograph Our Wedding?

Get in touch to check my availability for your wedding date first then we arrange to meet or FaceTime/Skype to discuss your requirements further. I will then send you a link to my private booking page where you can pay the £200 deposit to secure the date.

When Do You Require The Full Balance?

The full balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding. As the booking is completed via an online system this can be paid at any time. I can also take part payments at any time during the lead up to the wedding to help spread the cost a little!

How Many Marshmallows Can You Fit In Your Mouth In One Go?

Tough one, I’ll have to find out but if I had to guess I’ll go with 15.

What Is Your Style?

My wedding photography style is very natural, relaxed and most of all fun! I believe in capturing the day as it happens. I make the photos about the day and not the day about the photos. I always recommend capturing some formal/group photos, normally around 10-12 is normally an ideal figure to cover the majority of close family and guests but if more are required then just be aware of the additional time to complete. I always look to do these as quickly as possible for you to continue enjoying your day.

We Are Getting Married Overseas, Can We Still Book You To Photograph Our Wedding?

Of course I’m going to say YES! I love travelling, I love photography and I love weddings so it’s only natural to want to be part of your big day overseas. You’ll be very surprised at the cost for your destination wedding photography when compared to a local photographer abroad so please don’t hesitate to contact me to create a special package for you.

Do You Offer Packages?

I don’t offer rigid packages as such, you can build your own and even pay for things like prints and albums after the wedding. Have a look at my Packages and Prices page for a full run down of the options to you for your wedding photography.

During Your Wedding

Do You Take Any Family or Formal Group Photos?

I do if required. The amount is total up to you, for group photos a number of around 10-12 is optimum for the amount of time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. I can do more but please be aware of the additional time this would take. I always go through the required photos around one month before the wedding when we have out final meeting.

How Many Photographs Would You Expect To Take On Our Wedding Day And How Many Are Delivered?

For a full day on average, I take around 3500-5000 photos and deliver around 600-800, this can obviously change depending on the wedding as no two weddings are the same.

Will You Make Me Pose?

I try not to as I find the look un-natural. Remember the episode of Friend with Chandler smiling for photos? I will often position you that make you and the photo look as amazing as possible but more often than not you wont know i’m doing it!

What Do You Wear At Weddings?

Smart casual I guess the correct name for what I wear. A shirt, black or white and trousers and shoes. I like to blend in as much as possible.

Do You Require A Meal On The Day?

I meal would be amazing but it’s not a necessity, just to be informed what the situation is regarding food would be great, so if there is no meal provided I can bring my own. I don’t like to leave the venue to find food in case I miss something.

I Don’t Like Having My Photos Taken. Is That Ok?

Of course, I hear this often but after the day itself it’s never mentioned again due to the way I photograph and my demeanour, you just have to look at my reviews to see how evident this is.

After Your Wedding

How Do We Get Our Photos After The Wedding?

I normally take between 4-6 weeks to complete your photos. I find this when you want to something to get you excited again as more often than not you would have opened all your presents, gone on your honeymoon and have returned.

How Soon After Our Wedding Will We Be Able To See Our Photos?

Within a few days I send a set of teaser images of around a dozen to get you excited (and hopefully share on your social media).

Can We Print Directly From The Images That You Provide?

Yes. Every gallery has an in-built printing facility that is fast, secure and the quality is incredible.

What Would Be The Coolest Animal To Scale Up To The Size Of A Horse?

A hedgehog would be interesting to see that big and probably proper scary too.

What Kind Of Album Do You Offer?

My main album is 35×25cm 30-page album with smaller duplicates available. More info on the prices can be found on my Packages and Prices page.

How Does The Album Process Work?

In your own private online gallery you create a favourites list of 100-120 images which I use to create the design. I send you a draft design online for you to comment, mark up and/or approve. When the album design is finalised the album takes up to 14 working days to be printed and delivered. I can deliver to any address if required.

Will My Photos Be In Colour and Black and White?

I like to mix it up, black and white is classic and I’d love to do an entire wedding in black and white but you do lose a lot of the detail. If I can’t decide which image looks better in black and white or colour I oten supply both and let you choose your favourite.

Do You Edit Your Own Photos?

I do and I wouldn’t have it any way! I was at your wedding so only I know how best to tell the story of your day.

Do I Have To Pay For My Digital Files?

No. It’s all included in the cost. You can download from the online gallery and you will be supplied the files on a bespoke USB.

Other Questions


Contact Us:

What Happens If You Get Ill?

I have a great support network of photographers should the worst come to the worst. (Touches wood) I am very rarely Ill so hopefully this should not be an issue.

Are You Insured?

Yes. I am fully insured which includes professional indemnity and public liability.

Do You Work Alone?

I do offer a second photographer if you require one, great if you want to have photos the groom getting ready if they are at a different location. I do also offer a second photographer for a full day.

What’s Your Favourite Pizza Topping?

Meat feast!

How Long Do You Stay On Our Big Day?

I don’t put time limits on it. I turn up whenever you want and stay until I think I have everything and maybe when people are not looking as good as they should be!

Do You Charge For Travel Costs?

All my travel costs, within reason, are included in the cost.

Are My Files Watermarked?

No. Only my initial teaser images sent a few days after the wedding are, which are there for promotional purposes.

What Equipment Do You Use?

I use lots but my main cameras and lenses are Canon.

What Happens If Your Equipment Fails?

I have backups for all my equipment, I shoot with two cameras which back up to multiple memory cards. I then back up, often half way through the day, to multiple hard drives and a cloud account.