September 28, 2022

New Website Coming Soon! Loads Of Photos Inside To Keep You Going!

You may have noticed the lack of updates on the website recently. There are several reasons; being crazy busy is one enormous reason, but the biggest is that a new website is currently in development. Here’s how busy I’ve been – Riah & Jack’s wedding is the only wedding I’ve posted in the last 87 weddings I’ve photographed! And by the time the new site goes live, it will be 100+ weddings!

After a two-year hiatus and weddings coming back in force, it was definitely the right time to create a new website. The awesome folks at Highstreet Media are currently designing a new website! With nearly ten years of content, it’s taking a little time to transfer, cull down the older stuff, re-write huge sections, and generally have a facelift, so I have not been posting any Latest Weddings as this would add to that task.

So, for now, I have for you below some photos from the last 18 months. My social media channels are the best places to view new weddings and work. Please check out my Facebook and Instagram (the best place for my content). Or, if you would like to watch every photo, I’ve sent to my couples the day after every wedding this year (some 2000+ photos!), press play on the banner image above. Warning, it’s on for 45 minutes!



p.s if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in 2024 or 2025, drop me a message via the Contact Me page. I’m now fully booked for 2023 weddings. 🙂