January 28, 2021

Twenty / 20 – What A Year

Welcome to my Round-Up Of Twenty / 20

Wow, how wrong was I about 2020? In my 2019 review, I made the monumental mistake of saying that 2020 “is shaping up to be another cracker”. Yep, that didn’t happen. I will try and keep this review upbeat and positive because, let’s be honest, we’ve been battered with negativity over the past 12 months.

My 2020 actually kicked off whilst I was at a wedding, Alex and Jason’s New Years’ Eve wedding at Fairyhill, so I felt upbeat about the year ahead.  Then my first wedding kicked off nicely with Hannah and Michael tying the knot at Pencoed House. The first of only three weddings this year. This was my only wedding of the year without restrictions, unfortunately. I photographed two other weddings, 1 in November and 1 in December, both with heavy restrictions. 

I’ll condense my crazy 2020 in one sentence and expand further in the sections below. So we started a podcast, I opened a new photography studio under a new brand, changed my business management software along with other parts of my business and workflow. Oh yeah, and I moved close to 100 weddings.

So weirdly, thank you 2020. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, booked me, thanked me, recommended me, liked shared and commented. It really means a lot to me.

Anyway, please enjoy the photos.

Thanks again.


The Loft Studio

Ffotocast Podcast

Previous Years In Review


The Loft Studio

Since starting my journey as a photographer, and I think it’s a common feeling, I’ve wanted my own space, my own studio to create images, edit from and hold meetings. Nearly four years later, I never thought I would have an incredible space like this. It all started during my Christmas shoots in 2019 when I borrowed this space, which was at the time in an empty almost derelict building, to complete my existing shoots. A kind of “try before you buy” situation. So enquired about it in January of 2020 and finally got the keys at the end of May. Call me crazy doing this during a global pandemic, but I am looking long term here, and it was far too good to pass up. I was massively fortunate to be awarded a grant from the Pen-y-Cymoedd wind farm. The grant is set up to help business with new ventures get started, something which helped incredibly with buying equipment.

The Loft Studio website will be up and running over the next few months but in the meantime check out the studio and some of my commercial work.

Ffotocast Podcast

Well, we have finally done it. We started a podcast. Lloyd and I had been talking about doing this for months before starting, and after a drunk night at the annual Christmas party we agreed to do it, little did we know that we’d have plenty of time on our hands actually to do it. We have similar personalities and ways of working and how we photograph weddings, so it was a perfect combination. At the time of writing, we’ve recorded 35 episodes, with only one of those episodes in the same room as we’ve had to record via Skype due to restrictions! If you’d like to take a listen the various links are below. Episode 34 came as a turning point; we finally uploaded the podcast’s video version to YouTube.

Ffotocast Website

Ffotocast Youtube

Apple Podcasts


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