August 5, 2019

Top 5 New Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Top 5 New Bridesmaid Dress Trends

We look at planning your upcoming wedding with my Top 5 New Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Dress shopping is one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning. While much of the focus tends to be on the bride’s dress, finding the right bridesmaids dress can be a challenge in itself. Not only do you have to find something that works with your theme, but you also have to find something that works with different body types.

Fortunately, the trends of 2019 are far more casual and versatile than in previous years. Here are five of the top new bridesmaid dress trends to check out.


Capture the glitz and glam of New Years’ Eve all year round with the metallic bridesmaid dress trend. This trend is complementary to the metallic bridal dress trend, which tends to take a more subtle approach by adding metallic applique. With metallic bridesmaids dresses, you can make the accent pieces on the bride pop and pull the whole look together.

A common trend on Azazie is to purchase the maid or matron of honor’s dress in metallics while putting the rest of the bridal party in a complementary shade of chiffon (see for yourself at Coral bridesmaids dresses with a rose gold maid of honor dress creates a stunning look that puts a twist on current trends.


Floral dresses are fresh, summery, and stand out in a crowd. Many thrifty brides use floral dresses as a part of their decor, allowing the beauty of their bridal party to replace flowers at the altar. Floral dresses are also versatile in the sense that they can be adapted to any season. Sunflower and chrysanthemum prints look fantastic in a fall wedding, while red florals on a white background look stunning in the winter.

Florals are also a nice way to dress the bridesmaids in white to create consistency with the bride without being overpowering.

Different Necklines

More brides are taking a body-positive approach to choosing bridesmaids dresses by giving their friends some freedom to choose a neckline that suits them. They often require that all the bridesmaids have the same color and style dress, but they can choose the level of support.

This is a nice contrast to the strapless trend, which tends to be more challenging for large-chested women. By opening up the choices for halter style, cap sleeves, or even the very trendy one-shoulder look, brides can ensure their cherished friends are comfortable while looking amazing.


When many brides hear that ruffles are back, they have panicked visions of the cupcake style dresses of the 1980s. However, today’s ruffles are far more subtle. Often consisting of tiered chiffon or tulle, these ruffles create more of a cascading look that pays tribute to the elegant dresses of the early 1900s.

Ruffles create a gorgeous feminine look that also flatters many body types. They create the illusion of length in a gown and are loved by brides and bridesmaids alike.


High slits are becoming increasingly more common as the year goes by. Not only do high slits allow bridesmaids to embrace their sensuality and show some skin in a subtle way, but they also serve a functional purpose by making it easier to walk in a gown and heels. This is perfect for those bridesmaids who aren’t used to wearing formal attire.

Slits also allow the dress to create the illusion of motion, catching the wind and setting the scene for stunning outdoor photos. In fact, slits are so stylish and convenient that the bride will probably want one too.

The trends of 2019 are fresh and fun. There will be no battles over bridesmaid dresses with the versatility and stylish looks in bridal fashion this year.