January 14, 2018

Twenty / 17 – My Year As A South Wales Wedding Photographer

I’ll be honest, I vastly underestimated this blog post. It’s turned out to be by far the largest blog post I’ve ever done. I’ve had to look through thousands of images I’ve delivered to my happy couples during 2017 to select the images you see below.  The plan was to have this wrapped up and posted at the start of January. I failed by two weeks. Never-mind, it’s finally finished and here it is. Welcome to my wrap up of 2017. Hope you enjoy.

Thank You, 2017.

Some say 2017 was a bad year but for me it’s been an incredible year. It was my first year of being a full time photographer after years of being a product designer (and spending ten years paying back my student loans!). I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to have been part of so many amazing weddings, I really feel honoured. I’ve eaten way too much food, wiped up floors, sorted issues with suppliers and had tennis balls thrown at me. But it’s been a lot of fun. So thank you to everyone i’ve had the pleasure to meet, the happy couples, the guests, the suppliers, the staff and also all you likers, sharers and commenters.

The Highlights

Below are wedding photos not in any sort of order, they are just images that I love taken during 2017 which have not appeared on my blog, instagram or any other social media platform. If you’d like to see more from any of the weddings below check out my “Latest Weddings” section.

The Other Photos…

I’ve included this section because these photos make me laugh and smile. I don’t often have the opportunity to show these photos as they don’t tend to fit in with my teaser photos on my blog, I could possibly post them on Instagram, but I try and keep my feed as professional as possible, maybe I should change it up a little. We’ll see.

Destination Wedding – Villa La Fontanelle, Florence

Images taken at the wedding I was fortunate to be a part of last summer in Florence at the incredible Villa Le Fontanelle. I won’t spend too much time on this as i’ll be creating a Featured Wedding on this soon enough.

I Don’t Take Good Selfies…

Having a shaved head doesn’t lend itself to good selfies. It really doesn’t. I try, i really do, but I cant figure out a good angle to take it. The classic “from above” just makes me look like i’m all forehead. Any tips would be greatly welcomed…

My Present To The Happy Couples…

I don’t agree with the old “leave after the first dance”. The notion of clock watching on your big day to get out of the venue at often around 8.30 when the party has hardly started seems crazy to me. I often stay until the end, even until technically the next day. I would rather go the extra mile to get everything I need than rushing to get out and home, but invariably these sort of things happen late at night…

Wedding Venues…

If you’re searching for me online i’m more associated with the terms Wedding Photography in South Wales, Wedding Photographer Cardiff or Wedding Photographers South Wales but for some reason a large part of my weddings have been outside of South Wales this year. Around a quarter of my weddings have been the other side of the bridge, and even more outside of South Wales if you count venues in West Wales. To give you an idea of what has been most popular for me, Hensol Castle and Bryngarw House have been the most popular venues. I’m also honoured to be part of the approved suppliers at Lakeside Venue in Blackmill, know as the “hidden gem”.

Here are some images from a couple of new venues i’ve been to this year along with regular haunts. Also some lovely details here which have really stuck in my mind,  perfect inspiration if your planning your own wedding day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post of wedding photography in South Wales in 2017. Please check back regularly to see more in 2018!

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